The Project


We, in our Western societies, seem to have lost something in the race for ‘civilisation’. We work hard to be able to buy more, thinking it will make us happier. Instead of making our lives better, we lose the bonds with our loved ones and we forget to fulfil our dreams. We are always busy, stressed, tired, lonely and the last prayer we’ve got left is the one for more hours in a day. There is a sense of mass subconscious unhappiness. Something is missing from our lives.

It seems people in less developed countries are often happier despite having much less. They support each other, they are hospitable, giving and generous. They spend time together. Sharing seems to bring a lasting happiness, unlike the short dope of spending money. We are representatives of Generation Y and we want a modern world that is human-friendly instead of money-friendly.

Drop the tension!

Dropping the tension means letting it go, finding harmony in yourself, taking the middle path. The phrase itself shows that it doesn’t have to sound serious and boring, it can be fun and even exciting!

We are not going to raise ideological discussions. Instead, we will realise our ideas through an interesting, adventurous and entertaining travel project. We want to inspire people to see the world, draw attention to where it’s heading and share our excitement about what an amazingly diverse place it is.


Welcome to ‘Drop the Tension’. We, Jurek and Wendy, are travelling half the world without flights, from Australia to Europe and beyond. Our aim is to explore cultures of sharing. Being an ultimate sharing practise, hitchhiking is our chosen form of transport for most of the route.

Personal learning

While travelling, we hope to understand the place of Australia in the contemporary world, geographically and culturally. Through interacting with other cultures, we hope to learn which values of ‘civilisation’ are worth preserving and which of the lost ways should be revoked. We hope to find ways of making our economy more focused on the quality of life and less on the quantity of goods.

The blog is a space to share the inspirations we encounter along our journey. Aimed at both Australian and international audiences, we will start from describing the places, people and sharing practices we meet on our way. Our posts will focus on permaculture, food behaviours, healing, spirituality, and conscious consumption & travel.

Drop the tension hopes to promote a better understanding of the world, underlining the equality between its people. We will write about alternative ways to live, give practical information about travelling to places rarely visited, and how to be a traveller instead a tourist. We will spread the consciousness of living a sustainable, healthy and balanced life without loosing the excitement about it.

Partnerships and promotion

Drop The Tension, apart from being an exciting travel project, hopes to contribute to a larger discussion of how to create a modern world which puts human well-being first.

We are more than happy to partner with organisations and individuals that stand for the same values. Actually, we believe that people who stand for equality, sharing and trust, should collaborate to achieve these goals. So, if this is you, please contact us 🙂

We will approach local media around the world to promote these values. We will promote the project through our global network of friends.

In association with Lentil As Anything Inc., Drop the tension will run workshops and talks and will connect with grassroots NGOs along the way to share ideas.