Drop the tension

Drop the tension, from Hindi टेंशन नहीं लेने का (pron. tension nehee leneka), is a phrase of ultimate wisdom found in a Bollywood comedy about a bandit studying to be a doctor and giving away magic hugs that we guess must come from some ancient holy books.

from another page:: Dropping the tension means letting it go, finding harmony in yourself, taking the middle path. The phrase itself shows that it doesn’t have to sound serious and boring, it can be fun and even exciting!

That’s what life is all about. Dropping the tension or letting it go is the first step to live your life. Humanity these days lost all its connection with its roots, with nature, spirituality, people lost connection with themselves. Both of us have had episodes of getting the connection back. Through meditation, workshops or just communicating with our loved ones.

This made us realise we (by we we mean everyone) have infinite capabilities. We can overcome traumas and limitations that made us stop following our dreams, we can learn anything we want, we can live the life we had been always dreaming about, we can sustain long, healthy, beautiful relationships with our families, friends and ‘second halves’. We can leave the trail of success and career they’ve been always telling us we should achieve, the one we’ve heard of so many times that we got to believe it’s the only way. But we must leave it just to find our own success and career, the one that will make us happy and fulfilled instead of the one others have been trying to impose on us. The first step to do it is dropping the tension.

So, we hope that this blog will inspire you to do the same. We hope to prove that leaving everything behind and embarking on a great adventure doesn’t have to be hard. And doesn’t have to lead you to a meaningless and irresponsible path. It can be a conscious journey to a better life. To fulfilling your dreams and living a life you’ve never dreamt of. Drop the tension and join us!

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