Our Friends and Partners

We are more than happy to partner with organisations and individuals that stand for the same values. Actually, we believe that people who stand for equality, sharing and trust, should collaborate to achieve these goals. So, if this is you, please contact us 🙂

Lentil As AnythingLentilAsAnything_logo

Everyone deserves a place at the table

Lentil’s pay-as-you-feel community restaurants taught us what it means to ‘share’. We’re proud to call them our first partners! Lentil’s doors are open 365 days per year, welcoming everyone to feast as a community. From humble beginnings, 16 years on and still growing, Lentil gives us hope for ‘other possibilities’ and a world where people trust one another. Make Lentil your second home in Australia or bring their philosophy to your community!




Small is Beautiful Project

Little films about big change-makers

Thoughtful adventurers Luke and Tash are lugging their film-making bare-essentials on their travels in Asia & Australia to give voice to individuals and groups bringing about positive change in their communities. Their series of little films are a beautiful reminder that the actions of small groups CAN have a big impact. Let their films inspire you!



Pocket Storiesorange white background

Be Curious

Pocket Stories is a movement uniting migrants and travellers to to broaden our understanding of human movement and to celebrate cultural diversity. Through online storytelling and unique offline events, Pocket Stories challenge stereotypes and provide a space where we can get to know migrants personally or look with fresh eyes at countries like Afghanistan, Somalia or Iran – replacing fears with curiousity. We are proud and excited to work with Pocket Stories in their mission. Follow the stories here:




East Indonesian Students Foreign Relations Society

MITRA is a pioneer organisation in the fight for equal access to information and opportunities for students of peripheral Indonesia. MITRA unites and empowers university students from across Indonesia’s eastern islands and forms international connections to the region. Get in touch with them if you’re planning a visit to Eastern Indonesia & learn more here: