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                                                   GLOBAL APPROACH


Unsure which direction to take in our own lives, we set out travelling with a clear vision that we wanted to meet, learn from and share with the people we met along our way. We realised that might be something other people could be interested in…. So Drop the Tension was born!


  • To Promote conscious (living &) travelling. We believe that travel (near or far) is very important as it is the best way to meet Others and gain awareness of global unity. Conscious travelling is about being aware of the impact you as a visitor have on a local community. But equally, travelling consciously is about seeing travel as an opportunity to challenge your current world-view and being open to the new experiences that await you. We’re all about living light and hope to raise awareness to show a simple life can be a happy one.
  • To Encourage responsible (self-)development. We believe that the world can be a much more just and fair place. We emphasis the importance of sharing, be it goods, information or kindness. Through cooperation and exchange can we build a better future for people together. Since positive development has to start from within, we share here our honest experiences in our striving to live well, healthily and mindfully. We encourage others to pursue their dreams, extend their consciousness and become a responsible member of their local and global community. 
  • To Contribute to a better understanding of the world. Through sharing stories of people and perspectives from different places, we try to raise awareness of important situations happening around the world. We hope to inspire a curiosity and celebration of the world’s diversity!
  • To Connect a global network of activists. We believe in the formation of communities across borders that strive for a better future for humanity. We meet and promote interesting local initiatives and put groups and individuals working on similar projects in touch. 




Wendy grew up in rural Australia, before moving to big city Melbourne and step-by-step into the wider world. She currently lives in Poland. At university, she studied biomedicine, only to realise that ‘helping people’ didn’t have to mean standing at a laboratory bench. After this ‘big quit’,  she found her way to the pay-as-you-feel community restaurant Lentil As Anything. Powered by the belief in ‘other possibilities’, she set out on her own project Drop the Tension: a conscious overland travel without flights between Melbourne and Europe. Wendy believes travel is the best education because putting faces and friendships to places on a map teaches that people everywhere have such huge sameness, no matter how different the surface may seem. She loves hitch-hiking, guerrilla knitting, food, making do and bring people together.


Jurek was born in Poland when it was still a communist country and a travel even to Czechoslovakia was beyond the reach of most people there, when if something got broken, the only choice was to fix it. He has experienced very different ways of life. His passion for discovering the World knows no limits. Having graduated robotics, he realised spending his whole life looking at a computer screen is the last thing he wants to do. Totally devoted to learning and sharing his knowledge, he has travelled half the World and worked all kinds of jobs from sweeping streets to programming drones to settle recently into teaching his mother-tongue to foreigners and writing for DTT! Here, he will serve you a hot and flavoursome masala of trivia, adventure stories and deep thoughts, giving you a look from a perspective you probably haven’t seen before.