Who we are

We’re the perfect puzzle pieces to fit into society. We have good education, we’re young, we’re articulate – we have all the skills to make us desirable employees. But something has made us realise we had been sold a product we never wanted. What to do? Hit the road and find a better way! Drop the tension and join us!


Wendy – a biomedical graduate from Australia passionate about the how the human tribe could benefit from connecting as a community. She’ll combine her background with new experiences from the road less travelled to provide you with a fresh healing power, an exquisite formula of tribal wisdom and modern science without the side-effects of the latest drug designs.


Jurek – born in Poland when it was still a communist country. While acquiring a masters diploma in robotics, he realised that what fascinates him is real people and set off to find a new path through travels. Absolutely fascinated with all the aspects of our World, he will serve you a hot and flavoursome masala of trivia, adventure stories and deep thoughts, giving you a look from a perspective you’ve never seen before.

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