The story so far…

Setting Forth

Wendy set off for Sydney in a camper van relocation, giving Jurek the time he needed to tie up the loose ends of his Melbourne existence. After a 14 hour bus journey, the two reunited in Sydney, making the most of the thriving metropolis with the wonderful Effy as guide and Pavel, a visiting fellow Cuddler.

Adventures in the ‘Rainbow Region

Then commenced the hitch-hiking adventure on which the two quickly became three, joined by the wonderful Finnish Tommi. The friends explored the NSW coast.

Wendy and Jurek farm-sat for a family friends who were told to go to Murwillumbah to start a pecan nut farm by their Indian guru back in the ’90s.

The two investigate what all the fuss is about in Byron Bay, to find one night is plenty.

They retreat to greener pastures, to investigate the contribution system of the young Ponyland commune, outside of Nimbin.

The two become farmers WWOOFing with a family in Wallaby Creek, near Urbenville.

Before a peaceful time in 30 year old The Black Horse Creek Community, outside of Kyogle.

“Everything’s better in Queensland”

The pair land in Brisvegas in full swing of preparations for the G20 summit.

Then return Home to be reunited with a family they never knew they were apart of at the Imbil Rainbow Gathering.

Onwards to try their luck in the Central Queensland Outback at Comet and The Gemfeilds.

Before, continuing the animal theme, studying the eating behaviour of road-train drivers in Dingo.

More adventures coming soon!

About Wendy Allan

Wendy comes from Australia. She left her biomedical laboratory bench to explore other ideas of "wellness". She is drawn to projects centred around community engagement & social inclusion. Passionate about education, food and bringing people together, Wendy sees her travel as a way to study these interests further.

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