The Journey.old

We gave up our professional job search and most of our material possessions. Armed only with backpacks, thumbs and a frisbee we decided to cross half the world without flights. Our aim? To study the ways of contributing to making the world a more human-friendly place.

Along the way we’ll focus on ideas surrounding permaculture, food behaviours, spirituality, conscious travel and how traditional healing techniques could fill the gaps in the western medicine.

Starting from Melbourne, we will stay with alternative communities in East Coast Australia and experience remoteness in the Outback. Then we hope to find a sea route to Indonesia, where we will discover tribal life in the eastern islands, connect with NGOs in the country’s big cities and visit endangered rainforests. Thailand will see us take an inward step, as we undertake spiritual yoga teachings, thai massage class and visit some of the worlds leading permaculture projects. We will pass through unvistited parts of Tibet in the accessible Sichuan province of China, as we head to Mongolia to explore the nomadic lifestyle. In volatile Russia, we hope meet the remaining Siberian shamans, before getting aboard the Trans-Siberian Railway to experience the unique culture of sharing food, stories and spirits over a few days in a third class soviet carriage. We’ll meet europe’s last nomads in northern Finland. Wendy will meet the Lubińscy family in Jurek’s Poland and experience the underground sharing culture of modern European cities. Escaping winter, Spain will reveal some of the worlds biggest solar power plants and the continents most vibrant alternative communities. We will lift our spirits through the ancient mystic Sufi traditions of Morocco, using music to connect to the divine.

Who knows where’ll be next! Stay tuned for updates of unplanned ventures.

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