Introduction to Jurek’s guide to Australia

In this series of posts, I am going to show you Australia from my personal perspective. It’s meant for Europeans who have no idea about Australia and for Australians to see how they country looks through the eyes of an outsider.

I am not always going to be serious, I am not always going to be correct, but I am going to do my best to show what a place Australia actually is, going beyond the popular image of this place, if any image of it exists. Because the truth is, people outside Aussie have no idea about its realities, unless they have a friend who’s been there. Of course, some of us have some stereotypical imagination of Australia being the happy country of sun, surfers and poisonous snakes, but as true it might be, it’s far from reality. Then, Australia itself has an image it wants to show outside. It’s often an image of a prosperous, modern white civilisation of happy, successful people.

Well, I intend to show what true, contemporary Australia really is. I hope I’ll be at least a little successful in this.

Disclaimer: if you feel offended by anything I write in this ‘guide’, or if you feel I am offending or disrespecting anybody (except people who are openly offensive and disrespectful on their own) – you’re mistaken. Yes, I might be a little sarcastic and might joke about some groups of people, but that’s just my sense of humour. I do not intend to offend anybody (except, occasionally, the aforementioned group) as this simply doesn’t fit into my philosophy.

About Jurek Lubinski

Jurek comes from Poland where he graduated robotics just before realising people are his real passion. He left his home country in 2011 to take on another studies - ultimate learning through moving around the globe and doing more and more odd jobs. Fascinated with languages and cultures, he spends a lot of time thinking about the situation of our World and how education and grass-roots projects can contribute to making it a better place.